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2024 Primary Election Deadlines for Military Voters

Secure Families Initiative vote tripling challenge

It’s 2024 which means it is officially a Presidential Election year. And the first step of the presidential election is primaries – and they are rapidly approaching. We have gathered the primary election deadlines for every state and territory to make sure you have the information you need to cast a ballot.

Whether you vote by mail or in person where you live, we have a chart below (alphabetized by state) that includes all the important deadlines to vote in your state’s presidential primaries:

  1. Voter registration
  2. Request absentee / vote by mail ballot
  3. Ballot return

If you are voting by mail, we highly recommend sending all election mail – everything from voter registration to your ballot – as early as possible to avoid missing a deadline.

Military Voter Registration Resources

2024 Presidential Primary Election Deadlines

The table below outlines deadlines for Presidential Primaries. It is very important to note that many states hold State primaries on a different date with different deadlines!

Ballot Request
Ballot Must be Postmarked or Received By
Alabama3/53/53/5Postmarked by 3/5 and received by 3/12
Alaska (Democratic)4/6Get information from state party
Alaska (Republican)3/5Get information from state party
Arizona3/193/193/19Received by 3/19 7pm
Arkansas3/52/52/27Postmarked by 3/5 and received by 3/15
California3/52/202/27Postmarked by 3/5 and received by 3/12;
Fax received by 3/5 8pm
Colorado3/53/5No deadlinePostmarked and received by 3/13
Connecticut4/24/14/14/2 8pm
Delaware4/23/18Mail: 3/29 4:30pm; Email/Online/Fax: 4/1 12pm4/2 8pm
District of Columbia6/45/146/1Email/Fax: 6/4; Mail: Received by 6/14
Florida3/192/20Mail: 3/7;
Email/Online/Fax: 3/19
Mail within US/Fax: Received by March 19
Mail outside US: Postmarked by 3/19
Georgia3/122/123/1Postmarked by 3/12
Guam8/37/187/31Postmarked by 8/3
Hawaii8/107/318/3 4:30pm8/10 7pm
Idaho (Democratic)5/23
Get information from state party
Idaho (Republican)3/2
Get information from state party
Illinois3/19UOCAVA: not required; Overseas: 2/193/11Postmarked by 3/19
Indiana5/74/29Mail: 4/25; Email/Online/Fax: 5/6Within the US/Email/Online/Fax: 5/7 6pm; Outside the US: Postmarked by 5/7
Iowa 1/15 CaucusGet information from state party
Kentucky5/215/145/145/21 6pm
Louisiana3/23Mail/Email/Fax: 2/21; Online 3/23/22 4:30pm Ct3/23 8pm Ct
Maine3/53/4 Noon3/4 NoonReceived by 3/5 8pm
Maryland5/144/23Mail: 5/7; Email/Online/Fax: 5/10Postmarked by 5/14
Massachusetts3/5Not required2/27 5pmReceived by 3/5 8pm and received by
3/8 in mailed from within US and
3/15 if mailed from outside US
Michigan2/27No deadline2/24Postmarked by 2/27 and received by 3/4
Minnesota3/52/132/133/5 8pm
Mississippi3/123/2No deadlineMail: Postmarked by 3/12; Email/Fax: Received by 3/12 7pm
Missouri (Democratic)3/23Get information from state party
Missouri (Republican)3/2
Get information from state party
Montana6/46/46/46/4 8pm
Nebraska5/144/295/145/14 8pm Ct
Nevada2/62/62/6Mail: Sent by 2/6 7 pm;
Email / Fax: Received by 2/6 7pm
New Hampshire1/231/231/22 NoonReceived by 1/23 5:00PM EST
New Jersey6/45/145/31Postmarked by 6/4
New Mexico6/45/7Email/Fax: 5/21; Mail: 6/16/4 7pm
New York4/23/233/23Postmarked by 4/2 and received by 4/9
North Carolina3/53/43/4Email/Online/Fax: 3/5 7:30pm;
Mail: 3/14 5pm
North Dakota (Democratic)4/6Get information from state party
North Dakota (Republican)3/4
Get information from state party
Ohio3/192/203/12Signed by 3/19 and received by 3/23
Oklahoma3/52/92/19 5pm3/5 7pm
Oregon5/214/30Mail: Received by 5/16; Email/Online/Fax: 5/215/21
Pennsylvania4/234/84/22Signed by 4/22 and received by 4/30 5pm
Puerto Rico (Republican)4/213/73/74/21
Puerto Rico (Democratic)4/283/143/144/28
Rhode Island4/23/33/124/5
South Carolina
2/31/32/3Email/Fax: Received by 2/3 7pm; Mail: Sent by 2/3 7 pm
South Carolina (Republican)2/241/252/24Email / Fax: Received by 2/24 7pm; Mail: Postmarked by 2/24 7 pm
South Dakota6/45/206/36/4 7pm
Tennessee3/52/272/273/5 by 7pm CT
Texas3/52/52/27Postmarked by 3/5 and received by 3/11
Utah3/52/243/4Mail postmarked by 3/4 and received by 3/17; Email/Fax received by 3/5
Virginia3/5Overseas citizens 2/12; Military voters: no deadline2/233/5
Washington3/12Online/Mail: 3/4
In person: 3.12
No deadlineMail: Postmarked by 3/12;
Email/Online/Fax: Received by 3/12 8pm PT
West Virginia5/144/235/8Email/Fax: 5/14;
Mail: Received by May 20
Wisconsin4/2Overseas: 3/13; Military voters: not requiredOverseas: 3/28 5pm; Military voters: 4/2 5pmReceived by 4/2 8pm
Wyoming (Democratic)4/13
Get information from state party
Wyoming (Republican)4/18 – 4/20
Get information from state party
Voter RegistrationVote-by-Mail Ballot RequestBallot Must Be Postmarked or Received By

Important Deadline Notes

  • UOCAVA refers to U.S. citizens who are active members of the Uniformed Services, the Merchant Marine, and the commissioned corps of the Public Health Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, their eligible family members, and U.S. citizens residing outside the United States.
  • Alaska, Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota and Wyoming conduct Caucuses or Primaries administered by the State party. Contact the State political party for the most accurate, up-to-date voting information.

Update! We have a new Spreadsheet that you can sort by state and / or deadline, which may make it easier to find the information you need.

What Next?

Now that you have all your state’s important deadlines entered in your calendar, you may be wondering what is the next step.

First, register to vote or confirm your registration status. We have all the relevant tools customized for military voters right here at the Secure Families Initiative VOTE resource page.

Next, since we know you would never gatekeep valuable information, share this post or our VOTE resource page with military-connected voters in your community. We also have Presidential Primary deadline graphics on social media that are easy to share.

Thank you for being a military voter!

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