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We want you on our team! Sign up to join SFI for access to weekly newsletters  with organization updates, important legislation news, and calls to action. Membership also opens additional volunteer and leadership opportunities.


Monthly Membership Calls

Every month, SFI hosts a call where members like you will hear directly from staff about important policy updates that directly impact our families. It’s a special opportunity to huddle in community with other changemakers, discuss issues on your mind, hear from decision makers and special guests, and brainstorm the next steps we will take as a community.


Join an SFI Caucus

SFI membership caucuses for those who identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color. Our organization is committed to elevating all voices within our military community and learning from our different lived experiences. In 2023, SFI is starting with four BIPOC Caucuses: AAPI Caucus, Black Caucus, Hispanic Caucus, and Indigenous Caucus.


Join a Leadership Team

We’re looking for military partners, parents, and loved ones who want to deepen their advocacy skills and involvement by serving on one of our issue-specific Leadership Teams. By joining a team, you will expand your leadership skills and directly contribute to campaign work. Leadership Teams meet directly with decision-makers on key policy priorities, speak to the press, and help identify additional opportunities to win on our issues.

We currently have 4 standing teams: War Powers, Demilitarizing the Police, Voting Rights, and Nuclear Nonproliferation.

Why you should get involved with SFI today?

As military families, our values of duty and respect for authority are some of our strengths. We accept the mission and follow the orders, wherever they may take us.

When our leaders make decisions about when to use military force, the idea of weighing in on those deliberations might sound uncomfortable to some. After all, doesn’t that go against the military’s ethos of service and obedience?

On the contrary: Telling our stories is one of the most patriotic ways we as spouses and family members can support our service members.

Our nation’s leaders rely on having the most complete and accurate information at their disposal to make the best decisions possible. It is our responsibility to apprise them of the ways that high-level foreign policy decisions trickle down to impact us back home. Our contributions help them see the big picture.

Military families are constituents too. We deserve to have our interests represented by our elected officials, just as any voter does.

At SFI, we believe that our country should and does have a strong military. But we also believe that the armed forces should not be the only arrow our country has in its foreign policy quiver. We also need a robust corps of diplomats to pave the way for positive international relations whenever possible — and in doing so, shield our armed forces from unnecessary danger.

You can help shape the kind of world you want for your family. And you’re not alone — we’re here to walk you through each step of the way.

Timely Impact Items

Current Advocacy

Whether you are part of the SFI volunteer team or not, we strongly urge you to delve into our Advocacy Impact Items and take action today. With resources such as phone call scripts, petitions, and sign-on letters, we strive to make it simple for you to make your voice heard.