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Support a Resolution to the Military Promotion Blockade

BIG NEWS! A resolution to maneuver around Senator Tuberville’s hold on military confirmations passed the Rules Committee. Senate Resolution 444 will now be sent to the floor for a vote! We need you to send a letter to your Senators RIGHT NOW and tell them to support Resolution 444 to move it across the finish line.

One Senator is currently blocking the promotion of at least 452 senior military leaders. These leaders have dedicated decades in service to our country and their careers, livelihoods and wellbeing are being held hostage in an effort to score political points in a policy disagreement. 

Senators have great power to directly impact the lives of military families, and one Senator abusing that power to callously punish service members because he disagrees with a Department of Defense employment package.

Senate Resolution 444

Approving military nominations and promotions has long been one of the most bipartisan duties of the Senate. We know a change of Senate rules, even a temporary one, is a serious and consequential step. However, it is time for the Senate to take serious and consequential action to support the military community and its leaders. 

Senate Resolution 444 titled, “Providing for the en bloc consideration of military nominations” circumvents Tuberville’s one-person blockade and approve the promotion of nominated military leaders.

While not the ideal end to this protest, Secure Families Initiative strongly supports this solution. Read SFI’s Letter to the Rules Committee in support of Resolution 444.

Send a Letter

We know the majority of Senator Tuberville’s Senate colleagues do not support the inappropriate and unpatriotic use of military leaders as political pawns, so we urgently call on them to approve this bipartisan solution to circumvent Senator Tuberville’s objection.

Our lawmakers need to hear from us now!

Simply enter your address and the letter will be addressed and delivered to your two Senators. Please edit and personalize the letter to include your affiliation with the military.

End the Promotion Blockade

At Secure Families Initiative, we have been working tirelessly – both publicly and behind the scenes – for an end to the military promotion protest. Thank you so much for taking action with us! 

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