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Beyond the Feel-Good Photo Op: Military + Veteran Families Speak Out

Secure Families Initiative hosted a panel called Beyond the Feel-Good Photo Op: Military and Veteran Families Speaking Out.

In politics as well as culture, representations of military life can be very two-dimensional. While there’s a focus on the happy homecomings, the dreaded departures and every human grind experience in between are often overlooked.

Speakers include:

  • Representative Mikie Sherrill (keynote speaker) serves New Jersey’s 11th Congressional district and is a Navy veteran.
  • Sue Hoppin is the Founder and President of the National Military Spouse Network and the spouse of a retired Air Force officer
  • Stephen Peters is a Marine veteran, the spouse of a recently retired Marine, and the Director of Communications and Marketing for the Modern Military Association of America
  • Mallory Sharpe is a program coordinator and active duty Air Force spouse of 5 years
  • Sarah Streyder (moderator) is the Founder and Director of the Secure Families Initiative and an active duty Air Force spouse of 5 years
  • Erin Anhalt (opening remarks) is a Navy spouse of 21 years, mother of three, and citizen of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

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