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Bounties on American Troops – We Need Answers Now!

Bounties on American Troops We Need Answers Now

Recent reports show that Russia offered bounties to Afghan militants for killing US service members. If you’re like us, this news left you bewildered and outraged. Not only are these perverse actions from a foreign adversary profoundly unsettling. But how could this go unanswered?!

This is precisely the kind of moment when our voices are needed most. 

Our political leadership in Washington needs to understand how deeply this hurts our military family community, and why we need answers — now!

We call on Congress to:

  1. Take immediate and appropriate sanction action against Russia to make clear that targeting our troops, our country, and our elections will not be tolerated;
  2. Open an investigation that is swift, thorough, and transparent so military families and the American public can get the answers we deserve; and
  3. Hold decision-makers accountable for the failure to adequately respond to bounties on the heads of American service members, which did not occur when originally briefed nor since the reports have become public.

Join with other military families and make your voice heard.

Russian Bounties on American Troops Sign SFI Petition Demanding Answers
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