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How to Have Tough Conversations

SFI Webinar Tough Conversations

Have you ever had a conversation with someone you love about a topic that you fundamentally disagree on?

It’s hard. Sometimes we freeze up because we’re too afraid of saying something “wrong.” Sometimes we have a hard time staying calm when things get emotionally-charged. 

These conversations are so important. Whether we’re talking to people who live nearby, strangers on the Internet, or even our close family members — having respectful, constructive conversations about things we don’t see eye-to-eye on can help mend our relationships and build understanding.

Join our webinar to explore how to best tackle tricky conversations, no matter what you care about and who you’re talking to. 

In light of SFI’s recent congressional testimony, this training will include specific information related to engaging people in our life about the topic of domestic violent extremism.

Note: Posted times are in the Eastern time zone. If you don’t see our confirmation email with the webinar link, make sure to check your Junk folder.

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