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It’s Been One Year Since Russia Invaded Ukraine

One year ago today, Russia invaded Ukraine, and U.S. military families felt a surge of dread – would this conflict lead to our loved ones being sent into harm’s way?

We reflect on one year at war.

SFI Executive Director Sarah Streyder appeared on The Spouse Angle podcast in March of last year, in order to update our community on the conflict and its implications for military families. A year later, much of what Sarah & Natalie discussed remains relevant, so we’re re-sharing the podcast episode with an update on where things stand since that interview.

Listen now: What Military Families Need to Know About the War in Ukraine (March, 2022)

Update on Ukraine

What has changed and what remains the same since the Russian invasion:

  • The number of Ukrainians killed & displaced has increased dramatically. The UN documents at least 8,000 non-combattants have been killed, and over 8 million refugees have been recorded across Europe.
  • Russia’s military advances have ebbed and flowed over the year. However, Kiev remains under Ukrainian control (something that was far from certain this time last year!).
  • It is still the case that no U.S. troops have been deployed into direct fire with Russian military, and that the conflict has still not spilled over into NATO territory. While the whole world is watching and supporting either side, this is still technically a bilateral conflict.
  • NATO unity has continued. U.S. & NATO support for Ukraine has increased steadily – militarily, humanitarian, and economic included. Read the White House summary.
  • Unfortunately, the nuclear threat has increased. Russia announced this week that it will suspend its participation in the New START treaty and may resume nuclear testing.

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