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Join our Voter Focus Group

SFI Voter Focus Group

Secure Families Initiative is dedicated to promoting voter participation among military families, and ensuring that our community can cast our ballots without hesitation or complication. As part of that mission, we want to do our part to combat mis- and dis-information as it relates to voting and elections.

We need to hear directly from YOU about these issues.

Military Voter Focus Group

Are you interested in building a project that will help empower military voters? Join our Military Voter Focus Group.

In the coming weeks, SFI is going to start convening a small group of volunteers to discuss what kind of election mis- and dis-information we’re seeing in our communities. Together we’ll develop a better understanding of what folks in our networks are most worried about when it comes to elections, and brainstorm strategies to combat those anxieties.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • 3 – 5 online meetings over the next year
  • Opportunities to discuss what you’re seeing and hearing in your community
  • A platform to contribute ideas about combatting voting-related mis- and dis-information
  • Post-meeting homework to test drive strategies in your own life

If you’re interested in joining our Focus Group, fill out the form below or send us an email to info@securefamiliesinitiative.org with the subject line “Focus Group.”

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