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Military Families Support Re-entry to Iran Nuclear Deal

Time is running out. Latest reports tell us that this is our last chance to rescue a vital diplomatic deal. Now is the time to act to prevent an unnecessary war. Secure Families Initiative urges decision makers in Washington to support a negotiated re-entry into the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), more commonly known as the Iran Nuclear Deal.

We are excited to share a new animated video that explains how the JCPOA represents “The War We Won’t Have to Fight” for the families of active-duty service members. It reminds us of the countless family separations that our post-9/11 military has grown accustomed to, and how this diplomatic deal will provide relief from that operational tempo.

“As families who have served in a wartime military for the last 20 years, our community is exhausted from fighting in conflicts that could have been avoided,” said Sarah Streyder, SFI’s Executive Director. “Re-joining the JCPOA is the best chance our country has to de-escalate tensions with Iran, avoid another endless war of choice, and protect our military families from unnecessary harm.”

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We know this issue can sound a little wonky and intimidating, but we have some resources and background to help. Check them out and, as always, reach out to us if we can answer any questions about why we support re-entry into an Iran Nuclear Deal.

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