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Military Vote Coalition 2024 Legislative Priorities

The Military Vote Coalition Advocacy Working Group is proud to share its 2024 Legislative Priorities.

Our coalition is united by the following conviction: that uniformed service members, dependents, survivors, caretakers, and veterans should be able to vote and participate in democracy with comparable ease as their civilian counterparts.

It is with that goal in mind that we have established the following policy priorities for “military-friendly” voting:

We affirm that the “gold standard” for the amount of time after Election Day when absentee ballots should still be able to arrive and be counted is 7 days.

We affirm that absentee voters across all states should have access to an online form of ballot tracking where they can check whether their ballot arrived and were counted.

We affirm that absentee voters across all states should be proactively notified if their ballot has been rejected, and have access to a robust ballot-curing process with ample response time.

We affirm that military-issued identification cards should always be included in the list of acceptable IDs for any voter registration, in-person voting, or absentee voting policy that requires photo ID.

We affirm that uniformed service members and dependents should receive information about voter registration at multiple checkpoints throughout their Permanent Change of Station (PCS) process, and in methods informed by user design.

We affirm that the dependents of uniformed service members should have a pathway to poll working, even if they are not locally-registered voters.

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