The Military Vote Coalition is a group of military family and veteran support organizations, united by our goal to increase voter participation among this community.


  • Promote policies that increase voting accessibility for veterans and military families
  • Encourage members of this community to register and vote through strategic educational outreach

Everything You Want to Know About Military Voting

Early in the 2022 election cycle, the Military Vote Coalition hosted a Q&A with the Federal Voting Assistance Program to address the most common military voting questions and concerns.

Our Advocacy

In 2020, we quickly geared up to support military voters casting their ballots during a global pandemic:

  • We sent our first coalition letter to election officials nationwide on 09/01/20, reminding them to comply with the 45-day rule for sending ballots to absent uniformed and overseas voters.
  • Ten of our coalition partners also signed this letter on 09/01/20, urging five states with the highest active duty military populations to pass exemptions that would allow service members and their dependents to volunteer as poll workers, even if they are not registered voters within that state.
  • We also hosted a “Count Us In!”

In 2021, we carried forward the lessons learned about military voting pain points into legislative advocacy:

  • Six coalition partners endorsed the “Reducing Barriers for Military Voters Act,” which would enable the Department of Defense to develop a safe and secure electronic ballot return option for service members deployed to hazardous duty zones.
  • During Senate consideration of the “For the People Act,” five coalition partners sent a letter to Senators, informing them on how the bill’s military-specific provisions would benefit our community of voters, and urging them to include those provisions in future federal voting legislation.

Participating Organizations