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Politics Do’s + Don’ts for Military-Connected People

Politics and the Military Dos and Donts

At SFI, we encourage military family members and veterans to advocate on issues that impact them.

But you might be thinking, “This all sounds great! But I’m afraid of being ‘too political’ for fear of getting in trouble, or hurting my service member’s career. After all, aren’t there rules in the military about not doing that sort of thing?”

We understand where you’re coming from. And the good news is: we can help

Join our webinar to learn about the limited rules that govern political activity for military families and veterans, and discuss with other military-connected folks about what version of advocacy feels like the best fit for you. 

Your choice about whether to speak up and out should be an informed one, not from fear.

Note: Posted times are in the Eastern time zone. If you don’t see our confirmation email with the webinar link, make sure to check your Junk folder.

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