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SFI Launching Nuclear Nonproliferation Leadership Team

SFI is proud to launch a brand new Leadership Team focused on the topic of Nuclear Nonproliferation. We’re looking to build a tight-knit group of military partners, parents, loved ones, and supporters who can work together on long-term strategy and stand ready to advocate on all things nuclear nonproliferation.

If you’re passionate about making our world a safer place and want to deepen your advocacy skills, this is the perfect group for you!

Why Nuclear Nonproliferation?

Let’s be real – “nuclear nonproliferation” is a clunky term! It sounds super technical and kinda intimidating. We get it!

But it basically boils down to this: we want our families to live in a world that’s safe and free from the risk of nuclear war. We believe the U.S. has a critical role to play in steering our world toward that future, and we want to do everything we can to help make that happen.

As military-connected loved ones and supporters, we have a unique lens to bring to these conversations. Some of us have direct experience with the nuclear sector, and can even speak personally to the effects of testing for example. And all of us have a personal stake in scrutinizing the way our country prioritizes defense spending, to ensure family support programs get the resources they need.

Policy Priorities

Here are a few examples of the real-life policy values that our Nuclear Team will be focused on:

  • Encourage U.S. officials to re-enter negotiations with Russia for a New START treaty
  • Protect and expand funding for the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA)
  • Promote the balance between modernizing U.S. weapons systems without adding more numbers to the arsenal

As new issues emerge, though, this Team will remain nimble and adapt our strategy accordingly.

Team Expectations

Here’s a little bit more information about

  • Any and all backgrounds welcome! Our Team includes people from stay-at-home parents to experts in deterrence theory and environmental cleanup civil engineers. All that’s required is that you care about making our world a safer place, and you’re interested in how nuclear weapons factor into that.
  • We will meet one evening a month for about an hour. Between huddles, we will be able to stay in contact, ask questions and share updates on a private SFI Slack channel.  
  • Team goals are to schedule meetings with lawmakers about our policy priorities, as well as react quickly whenever nuclear issues come up in the news. Meetings will mostly take place virtually, with the potential for some in-person engagement in D.C.

Questions? Want to learn more? Fill out the interest form below, indicate Nuclear Nonproliferation Team, and one of the co-chairs (Erin Anhalt and Shalena Critchlow) will email you to set up a time to chat about this more.

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