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SFI Statement on Senate Passing Iraq War Authorization Repeal Bill

The United States Senate voted today to repeal the 1991 and 2002 authorizations for use of military force against Saddam Hussein’s regime,

just one week after the twentieth anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq. This is a vital next step in our long-standing fight to improve the way our country goes to war. We applaud the bipartisan majority who voted to protect our service members by ending these dangerous
and outdated AUMFs.

“I want to commend the thousands of SFI volunteers who mobilized in support of this bill – your tireless efforts made today’s legislative milestone possible,” said Sarah Streyder, SFI’s Executive Director. “I also want to thank Senators Kaine and Young for spearheading this important issue, and to Senate Majority Leader Schumer for bringing this bill to a vote. Your bipartisan leadership has moved us one step closer to making our military loved ones safer.”

The effects of war and conflict directly impact military families like ours in a way that the majority of the public is isolated from. Not only are outdated war authorizations unnecessary for ongoing operations, but they put current and future military families at risk of future presidents taking reckless, unilateral military action.

We are pleased the Senate has voted to reclaim its Constitutional responsibility to declare war – and we will work to make sure the House of Representatives completes this mission.

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