Khiet Ho

Government Affairs Specialist

Khiet Ho has incorporated social policy advocacy throughout her professional and personal life. She is a public health professional, licensed clinical social worker, USMC spouse, mother, and second-generation American.

Khiet has worked primarily within the military community providing mental health counseling, conducting research, and managing programs that address resiliency and well-being. She has also worked with and advocated for other communities who straddle multiple identities, such as immigrants, young adults, and LGBTQIA+ folks. Throughout this work, Khiet understands that one’s outcomes are interdependent with community support and policies that impact access to resources, from the local and organizational level to federal and higher-level policy. As such, Khiet is passionate about educating her community about voter rights, civic engagement, and policy advocacy. Khiet successfully created and led a voter registration drive during the 2020 election while living overseas after recognizing the huge barriers to voting that persist for military-connected folks.

After earning her Bachelor’s degree from Brown University in Community Health, Khiet worked in Washington, D.C. at a corporate law firm and its lobbying arm. She then switched to a more clinical career focus and eventually earned a Master’s in Public Health and a Master’s in Social Work from UCLA. She has supported her Marine spouse through multiple combat and non-combat deployments, while balancing a career, raising two young children, and moving all around the globe.