Sarah Streyder

Executive Director

Sarah Streyder is an advocate, organizer, and proud military spouse who is committed to helping other military partners and family members raise their voices on foreign policy issues that affect their lives. She was recognized for her work as the 2022 AFI Military Spouse of the Year and is currently a Stand-to Veteran Leadership Scholar at the George W. Bush Institute.

Sarah began her career working for the White House’s correspondence office. She later joined the Department of Commerce’s legislative affairs team, where she helped coordinate administration-wide strategy on trade policy advocacy.

In 2017, Sarah moved to join her then-Air Force (now Space Force) spouse stationed in Nebraska, where she spearheaded outreach efforts for the education nonprofit Stand For Schools, expanding the organization’s budget and network of partnerships. During the 2018 midterm election, Sarah organized a new coalition of diverse stakeholders in North Omaha to register and turn out voters from historically underrepresented communities.

Sarah now lives in Virginia. She also has a Master’s in Public Policy from Cambridge University, with a focus on international human rights.