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Take Action: Demilitarize Policing

SFI 1033 Program Explainer

President Biden has the opportunity to take immediate action that would limit weapons of war from ending up on American streets — something he pledged he would do during his campaign.

Here are three ways you can help today:

Read our Overview of the 1033 Program
What is this program, how does it lead to militarized policing, and why should military families care? This 2-minute read will catch you up on what you need to know.

Email the White House
Did you know that you send your own e-letter to our President? Submitting this contact form only takes a few minutes and adds urgency to this issue. Here’s a script you can borrow:

I’m a [insert military affiliation], and I’m writing today to urge you to take Executive Action to repeal the 1033 program.

The 1033 program allows local police offices to receive military-grade weapons and equipment from the Pentagon. These weapons of war are disproportionately used against people of color, and they do not belong on our streets.

Moreover, they blur the lines between domestic law enforcement and military service members, which undermines our family’s relationship with our neighbors. Help protect our communities by ending this harmful program.

You may be wondering, “Does the White House even read my emails?” Yes. Fun fact: SFI’s Sarah Streyder used to intern at the White House, where she helped process the phone calls, letters, and emails sent by constituents. These messages get documented and are used to brief the President every day.

Share With 3 Friends
Triple your impact by inviting 3 milspouse friends to join you in taking action today. It’s as easy as sharing this blog post!

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