General Voting Questions and Answers
What is the FPCA and should I be using it? Can military members and their partners request ballots for the entire year in advance? Or do we need to request one for each election separately? I mailed in my ballot. How do I know if it actually got counted? How can I track my ballot? What’s the safest way to submit my absentee or mail-in ballot? What’s the difference between absentee and mail-in voting? Which ones do military families use? My family is stationed overseas right now. Can I still vote in local elections? When do I need to request my absentee ballot? My teen is turning 18 this year. Where should they register to vote, our duty station or our family’s state of residence? Where can I get information about military teen voting? Can I still register to vote if I’ve never voted in person in my state of residence? Who should I contact if I have problems registering to vote? I requested my ballot but it never arrived in time. Can I still vote? How do I know if my absentee or mail-in ballot arrived on time? What are the new Texas voting laws and how do they impacts military voters? Do military ballots actually make a difference in elections?