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What a Real People-First Pentagon Budget Would Include: Streyder and Anhalt

Secure Families Initiative Director Sarah Streyder and volunteer Erin Anhalt co-authored an editorial published by DefenseOne about “three critical areas for investment that deserve attention” in Pentagon budget debates.

“President Biden just rolled out an outline of his annual budget proposal, and analysts from all corners of the D.C. Beltway are flocking to the nearest microphone to lobby for their piece of the budget pie. 

We’re two military spouses adding our voices to the chorus. While military spending often evokes images of jets roaring overhead and uniformed soldiers marching to cadence, so much more goes in to preparing our force to keep America safe. Entire family units serve alongside their loved one in uniform, and their health and resilience are more than a fringe issue – they directly affect force readiness and retention.”

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