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Budget Basics Bootcamp: How Congress Funds the Government and the Military

Budget Basics Bootcamp Secure Families Initiative

As military families who believe in the US Constitution, we were appalled when a small number of lawmakers were willing to shutdown the government – risking the financial security of military service members and their families, federal workers, and the hundreds of thousands of families who depend on critical government services to care for their children. 

On the Brink of a Government Shutdown

Are you one of the thousands of people who shared our concern about the potential government shutdown last week and wondered, “How did we get here again?” 

Do you have questions about the temporary fix Congress passed? Are you curious what must happen before November 17th when the continuing resolution expires? 


Budget Basic Bootcamp

Watch Budget Basics Bootcamp:

  • Reflect on the federal budget process, and why a 45-day continuing resolution was passed at the 11hr hour on September 30th, 2023;
  • Identify the steps of the federal budget process – including the Pentagon budget – and who is impacted;
  • Identify decision makers in the budget process;
  • Share actions you can take to urge your Representative to approve the budget by Nov. 17th.

We know you have a lot of demands on your time, so we promise to pack a lot of useful and relevant information into the 90-minute Bootcamp so you are empowered and ready to advocate.

Watch Budget Basics Bootcamp Training

Take Action

Join us in taking action to avoid a government shutdown when the Continuing Resolution expires in November.

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